About Robyn Charnley Photography

I have always had a passion for photography, not the technical side but the end result. The first camera I had was one of those flat spool ones and I recall always taking far too many fuzzy photos but loving them.

But if it wasn't for my oh so very supportive husband it would probably take me a lifetime getting this venture up and running.
I believe you can't be taught creativity, its within you! And each artist has their own unique creative style. My creativity is portrayed in my photographs.

I love family portraits, they really move me, seeing the love in husband and wife, and how they absolutely adore their children. Sisters in each other's arms, after they just had a squabble about who is going to stand where, stroppy teenagers arguing with dad about his goofy hairstyle for the photo, but in all that, in the final result, it's all about capturing the complete naturalness of families.

Weddings are very special to me, if I could get married again, and again, and again… it truly is a day for a princess, to feel special, wear something special and to look as beautiful as she feels inside. My goal is to capture those few minutes before the bride walks down the aisle to her husband to be, and capture the nervous groom while he waits in anticipation for his beautiful bride…the shy little flower girls, ever so proud parents and inlaws and the happiness of friends.

I still get excited (like a kid in a candy store)when I have my work developed!

I am sure you will love your experience with me as a photographer and I am positive you will love the outcome of my work.

Please take a few moments to enjoy some of the photography I have done.